Stone Landscaping Wayne NJStone landscaping Wayne NJ can be difficult when you do not know the choices available in stones. Secondly, when there is practically every shape, texture, and color available for various landscaping projects it can become quite confusing. Some homeowners prefer local varieties of stones, since they look more authentic and the costs can be kept low. Others want a distinctive flare for their properties and opt for exotic or imported stone varieties.

Manufactured vs. Natural Stones

In stone landscaping Wayne NJ, every property owner is first confronted with choosing between manufactured and natural stones. Both types of stones have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. You can find almost limitless range of textures and colors in natural stones, whereas the manufactured range is comparatively limited. Natural stones are heavier and studier than manufactured ones, but their weight makes them difficult to install. However, for landscaping most people prefer natural stones.

Uncut vs. Cut Stones

This could be another difficult choice to make in stone landscaping Wayne NJ. When you want a refined ambience with a uniform feel, you should opt for cut stones, whereas uncut stones are ideal when you want to preserve the natural looks and feel of the stone. Cut stones will work out more costly but part of the higher cost can be offset with lower costs of installation.

Ideas for Stone Landscaping Wayne NJ

When people think of stone landscaping they mostly think of projects concerning pathways and patios. However, there are many more possibilities with stone for outdoor landscaping. Stones can be excellent material for building walls and fences, or as façade for house walls. A stone wall can be built specifically for a small waterfall or as a ledge for over hanging plants. Stone fountains with multiple tiers look exceptionally beautiful in a garden or in the front courtyard.

You could also consider building an outside fireplace and surround the area with comfortable stone benches. Such an area would be perfect for a barbeque or holding a party outdoors. There are also many possibilities with stone in gardens. Creating borders around plants and laying gravel walkways can greatly enhance the beauty of your garden. If you have a pool, using the right stones for paving and decorations can sharply improve the ambience of this area. There is practically no end to the things you can do with stones and rocks for enhancing the beauty of your outdoors.