Nobody wants to think about fall during the summer months, but it’s not that far off.  And October is the perfect time to plant new shrubs, bushes and trees.

Why summer is a good time for landscape planning has much to do with the increased use of your home’s exterior spaces.  You’re out there more, so you notice more.  Over the winter, when everything’s covered with snow, you’re not seeing the same picture.

Once summer rolls around, you’ve got the time to look around and think about landscape planning.

Times change.

If you’ve been in your home awhile, your family’s needs have probably changed dramatically.  If your children are growing up, they’ve unddoubtedly lost interest in that sandbox and swing set, for starters.  They may be more interested in sitting on a beautiful deck, intensely examining their mobile devices.

Maybe you’ve got an updated use for the space your former kids’ play area has been taking up.  Now that they no longer need it, maybe it’s time for that flagstone walkway with the enticing gazebo it winds toward.

With weather and time, plants may need to be replaced, too.  Every year, when storms hit Northern New Jersey, local people lose old trees.  It’s a sad fact of life, but you can probably see that the loss of a tree is an invitation to change.

Your imagination is our only limitation.

Summer’s the time for your imagination to run wild, as you peer into the future of your home’s outdoor spaces.  Your imagination is Creative Images Landscape’s only limitation.

We’re landscape planning professionals serving Northern New Jersey for many years.  Whatever you envision, we’re the team that can help you plan and execute it, with the technical knowledge, creativity and horticultural background you need to make your plans successful.

Our expert knowledge of every facet of landscape planning brings you top drawer expertise.  We offer everything from pool installation to patio paving and advice on regional plants and where to place them.

The time is now.

At CI, we love making your dreams come to life.  We support your landscape planning with the knowledge you need for a truly striking, enduring result.

Why summer is a good time for landscape planning has much to do with the weather.  But it also concerns your vision and its intimate connection to the optimism of the season.  While you’re living outdoors, the wheels are turning in creative ways that invite change for the future.  As your needs change, your homes exteriors will change with it.

An evolving landscape is a living one and at Creative Images, we bring landscape planning professional support that transforms your great outdoors with a knowledgeable hand.

Partners in transformation.

The pros at Creative Images Landscape are your partners in transformation.  As your family grows, your landscape is a living canvass on which you can project that growth.  We support you with exceptional quality work and an artistic edge that makes your dreams reality.

Contact us.  Discover professional support for your landscape planning.