While the weather’s warm, you’re spending more time outdoors.  Maybe you’re looking around at your outdoor spaces and thinking the time has come for some change.

Maybe you want to add a water feature this year, or a gazebo.  Maybe your dream for the immediate future is an outdoor kitchen, with all the bells and whistles.  Whatever you’re dreaming of, Creative Images Landscape is your source for the best in landscape design.

Maybe you need a little guidance and we’re good at that too.  Even if you’ve got your summer landscape design plans nailed down, we’re experts who can make them even better.  With years of experience in the business of making the great outdoors beautiful, we can get you there with creativity and technical expertise.

Making it work.

If you look at your outdoor spaces and see something altogether more inspiring than what’s there now, we love it.  We love the fact that you have a vision.  And here’s the thing – we can work with that.

We can not only bring your vision to vibrant life, we can do it with an eye to sustainability and plant health.  We understand that plant placement is important. We know where your regionally-sourced bushes, flowers and grasses are going to do their best.

But even if the plants we select and place for you underperform, let us know and we’ll replace them in the first six months after planting.  That’s something your local DIY garden center won’t do for you.

Whatever it takes, we make your vision happen.  We make it work with horticultural knowledge and a commitment to your total satisfaction.

Getting technical.

Successful, sustainable landscape design takes a trained eye.  At Creative Images, we bring your summer landscape design plans a world of knowledge.  We ensure that your plans are executed with the technical knowledge necessary to make them last.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s also in an enduring, well-executed landscape design that’s technically informed and creatively realized.  When you bring your landscape design vision to CI, we not only make it beautiful, we get technical, building it to last.

Keeping it real.

Beautiful landscape design demands loving care, so CI offers ongoing maintenance to make sure the masterpiece we create for you stays looking incredible.

With the industry-leading 10-Star Guarantee, we’ve raised the bar.  Because we believe in what we do, we’re confident enough to fully guarantee every aspect of our work in writing.  The 10-Star Guarantee is our promise to you that we’re keeping it real.

From our courteous, uniformed crews to the superior quality of our work and responsive customer service, Creative Images brings you landscape design that stands the test of time, beautifully.

Serving Northern New Jersey.

As the region’s most called upon landscape design service, Creative Images is proud to serve Northern New Jersey with outstanding quality.  We bring your vision an artistic edge, coupled with superlative technical expertise.

If you’ve got your summer landscape design plans in place, contact us and watch them come to life.