Summer means enjoying your yard and spending as much time outdoors as possible.  But it can be a challenge to keep your lawn and yard looking beautiful.  There are so many things to consider, from the health of your lawn to the care of trees and plants.

These tips for summer yard maintenance will make your life a little easier and smooth the transition from summer to fall, too.


Now’s the time to be on the lookout for branches which may be loose or have broken off and are resting in your trees, on other branches.  These need to be managed.

Summer is notorious for thunder and lightning storms and they can spell trouble if your trees aren’t being relieved of branches which are either broken off, or on their way to falling.  A good storm can take them down and dead branches can cause a lot of damage.

Bushes and plants.

Bushes and plants need to be trimmed regularly.  This is especially true of those near your house – especially your HVAC system.

But bushes create great hiding places for intruders, also, so make sure your bushes are kept trimmed and attended to.  Another factor you should consider is that bushes are a perfect environment for termites, especially when they’ve trapped moisture.  Termites love moisture, so checking your bushes for signs that they’ve taken up residence is another important summer yard maintenance priority.


Vines are lovely to behold, but they can also create problems.  As they creep from the ground and around your home, they can provide the ideal conduit for other things that creep from the ground, like rodents and insects.

In addition, vines can threaten the structural integrity of your home, if not regularly trimmed and checked for excess moisture.  Keep them trimmed.  Allowing them to run wild may create a romantic look, desired by many, but that romantic look can take a toll on your home.  Make sure you keep them away from your foundation.


Summer can be hard on lawns.  The excessive heat and lack of rainfall may cause it to brown.  But you can mitigate that effect by watering in the cooler hours of the early morning.

This gives your lawn the opportunity to absorb the moisture before the hottest part of the day arrives.  Watering later in the day means evaporation, which deprives your lawn of needed moisture.

During the summer, you should be watering 3 – 7 times per week (depending on amount of rainfall, where you live).

Summer yard maintenance experts.

If these tips for summer yard maintenance sound like a lot of work, you might benefit from the help of the experts at Creative Images Landscape.

We’ve been creating and maintaining New Jersey yards for decades.  With extensive knowledge of native plants, lawn care, landscaping, excavation and drainage, we bring you 360˚ expertise to keep your yard looking its best, year ‘round.

For summer yard maintenance that helps you get the most from your great outdoors in the summer months and takes you seamlessly into fall, contact us.