Landscape design trends can come and go just as rapidly as others.  The difference is that they tend to stay current for longer periods of time.

Some themes are consistent within key landscape design trends.  For example, outdoor living is something most of us love but how we express that love in landscape design is through intentionality, functionality and materials.

Today’s outdoor entertaining area will remain current long after the patio furniture needs to be replaced.  While small stylistic and décor changes may keep it fresh, the idea and purpose of the place is too enduring to be buffeted by fleeting trends.  And when the materials used are chosen for the setting they’ll occupy, you avoid the trap of reaching for the flavor of the month.

So, this post shares the top landscape design trends of 2018, in the interest of giving you fodder for contemplating how 2019’s spring awakening might manifest for your exteriors.

A Herbal Remedy

The current public interest in eating nutritionally and seeking out fresh food has made herb and kitchen gardens one of the hottest trends to come along in landscape design for a long time.  Whether created as a dedicated space, or co-existing with other plants in your garden, adding herbs makes your kitchen a place where your guests know good food may be found.

Separating beds of herbs with hedging like boxwood creates a classical setting which adds flair.  When set off with stone fountains and other classical style sculpture, your herb garden takes on a distinctly European flavor.

Now, imagine the scent of rosemary wafting on the air.

Cool, Cool Water

Water is life, they say and when you add a water feature to your home landscape, you’ve created a dynamic source of freshness, movement and sound.

The sound of water is soothing, adding a soundtrack to your outdoor environment that increases the pleasure you derive from the space.

Place it near the areas you use to welcome guests and share the spiritual aspects of water as refreshment for the soul.

The Warming Welcome of Fire

The ancient allure of fire is undeniable.  Since humans discovered how to create it, it’s been a central feature of our lives, representing the elemental source of warmth, food and comfort.

Fire pits are another trend tied intimately to our relationship with the elements.  In this form, fire means welcome.  The fire pit is where people gather as the sun sets and stories are shared in the glow of the flickering flames.

The primal sensuality of fire invites intimacy and the sharing of an ancient, common experience we all treasure – gathering around a communal fire.

Outdoor Comfort

When the weather warms, our thoughts turn to living outside.  But one of 2018’s top landscaping design trends mandates an experience of ultimate comfort.

Refined outdoor living nurtures and coddles.  This is 2018’s model:  cushy lounge chairs, a glowing fire pit and the babble of a water feature, all adding to the pampered atmosphere.

Just add the scent of rosemary, softly borne on the summer breeze.

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