Every garden that’s well-maintained is beautiful during the warm months of spring and summer.  But your garden is there all year long, so using foliage plants for year ‘round interest is a must.

There are many plants adaptable to all-season gardens, so we’d like to share some of them with you, in the interest of keeping your garden looking its best any time of year.

Our favorites.

At Creative Images, we love plants and one of our favorites for all-weather gardens is the Snowflake oak-leaf hydrangea.

This beautiful plant produces white flowers, which turn to pink, as the blooms age.  This produces a two-toned flower, as the outer petals change to pink, with the center petals remaining white, until the entire blossom changes to its mature color.

About 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide, this plant is smaller in the shade, blending perfectly with smaller leafed plants and shrubs.

The purple smoke bush is a striking addition to any garden, particularly adding year ‘round interest along the perimeters of your property.  Growing to a height and width of 15 feet, this burgundy-hued plant should be pruned back each spring to keep it in check.

This is an amazing hit of color for any garden, changing to an orange-purple color in fall.  New foliage appears to glow, transforming to its characteristic burgundy color, when mature.

The Emerald Gaiety wintercreeper is just what you need when you’re using foliage plants for year ‘round interest.  This ground-cover plant grows to be three feet tall and five feet wide and looks incredible when complimenting taller plants.

Its variegated green and white leaves turn pink at the edges in the winter, adding an unusual touch of colorful vibrancy to an otherwise barren season.

The Japanese Skimmia is a winter wonder.  While only the female plants produce berries, both the males and females produce flowers.  Placing a female with two males creates a stunning corner of visual interest in your garden.

Something we love about the Skimma is that it requires very little pruning.  It’s waxy, aromatic leaves are another attractive feature of this 3 to 6-foot-tall plant.

Native plants.

At Creative Images Landscape, we take great interest in plants native to our region of New Jersey.  We’re happy to review what’s out there and where the plants which occur naturally in our area will do best in your garden.  Best of all, if they don’t work out, we’ll replace them for up to 6 months after installation, free of charge.

Keeping your garden beautiful the whole year is all about balancing your tastes with the possibilities out there, which are numerous.  Creating a beautiful year ‘round garden is as easy as knowing your way around the garden center, or calling the people who do, at CI.

Year ‘round glory, with CI.

At Creative Images, we’re gardening and landscape experts who bring you extensive knowledge and experience.  We’ve been creating beautiful outdoor spaces for New Jersey homeowners for many years.

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