Not everyone’s crazy about gardening.  There’s a lot of tender, loving labor involved and with work and other responsibilities, the gardens of busy people may need the help of a landscaping company.

But what to look for in a landscaping company?  What distinguishes the best from the rest?  This post is about providing you with some benchmarks to help you find the right company.  Of course, we’re here to blow our horn, so we know that Creative Images Landscape is the professional choice.  All the same, you be the judge once you have these tips about what makes for a first-rate landscaping company.

What’s the Buzz?

Doing your homework is an important part of establishing that the landscaper you’re looking at has the kind of reputation that spells quality.  Start online, with reviews.  Sites like Yelp offer reviews from actual clients. Unlike a company website, these are unfiltered, offering you an overview of the good, the bad and the not-very-professional.

But don’t stop there.  Ask around.  See what others have to say about your landscaper and what kinds of experience they’ve had with the company.  Was the customer service responsive?  Did the company make good on its promises?  Was the finished product as planned?

Horticultural and Other Knowledge

Another huge consideration is your landscaper’s knowledge of horticulture.  They should know what to do with certain plants in terms of trimming, pruning, planting and defending them from pests.  They should also have a strong command of plant placement according to what type of environment various plants thrive in and further, understand the types of local plants available in your region.

But look for a landscaper with a well-rounded portfolio.  Landscaping encompasses building and an understanding of drainage issues and other key considerations.  Landscapers know how to build things, with a strong command of the materials in play and their durability.  They’ll also know about outdoor lighting and how it can enhance your property.

Your outdoor landscape is a beautiful part of your home.  You’ve invested time and money in keeping it thriving and that was a smart thing to do, because you added 10% to 15% in value by doing it.  Don’t endanger that investment with a fly-by-night outfit that’s doesn’t have the knowledge you need to get the job done and to keep your garden thriving.


The health of any given company can be traced to its resources.  Items like human and material resources (tools and equipment and workers who know how to use those things) are a pretty good indication of how well your landscaper’s doing.

It also tells you that they know their job and respect their customers, because they’re prepared with everything they need to perform the required work.

Insurance and Licensing

A professional company knows that insurance and licensing are the price of doing business.  One dude (who brings his cousin along to help) and a pick up is probably not going to have these specific ducks in a row.

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