Every gardener knows that putting plants in the ground is just the beginning. The real work starts as plants begin to grow, requiring a nurturing hand to help them thrive.  As a gardener, you’re in relationship with your growing things. You’re their nursemaid and their source of care.

But your landscape can get you in a rut.  Year after year, you do the routine mulching, planting and pruning.  It’s the same every time.  And routine can kill the creativity of even the most devoted gardener.

Surviving vs. Thriving

Just like your plants, you need sustenance to survive.  You need to eat and sleep.  But you need something more than those basic things to truly thrive.  Your life needs color and creativity, friends and frolic.

As a gardener, you also need to try new things to make your garden everything it can be.  It’s easy to be content with the puttering required of your garden.  It’s pleasant.  It gets you outdoors.  It’s your pride and joy.

But wouldn’t adding a little excitement make you even prouder of what you’ve wrought out there?

Static Isn’t Natural

Formal gardens are the triumph of humanity’s dominion over nature.  They’re static to please visitors with the seasonal attractions they look forward to seeing every year.

But they’re not natural.  And even formal gardens need occasional change to be at their best.

Seeing your garden as an evolving miracle of which you’re steward (as opposed to prison warden) means understanding it as a micro-environment within a larger setting.  Every living thing has its cycles and knowing the cycles of the living things you’re stewarding is a way of seeing them in relationship with one another, as well as you.

That’s why every landscape needs a fine gardener.  A gardener with insight into the plants, trees and shrubs growing in your garden can help you take it to the next level, assuring the balance and natural integrity which create a healthier garden.

Horticulture as Profession

Fine gardeners understand what makes plants tick because they’re fully engaged with what constitutes balance and health in the world of plants.  While you may not notice that a leaf on one of your plants has taken on an abnormal characteristic, a fine gardener is trained to notice.

Fine gardeners go beyond maintaining the appearance of a garden to enhancing it with their knowledge.  They do more than maintain.  They enhance by understanding the cyclical nature of plant life and planning for the seasons to ensure that your garden is beautiful for the full growing season.

That’s a very specialized skill set and it can be a happy support to the gardening enthusiast who wants to go beyond puttering to reach gardening nirvana.

Creative Images Landscape

At CI landscape, we’re a total landscape resource that brings your little slice of paradise the benefit of horticulture knowledge and creativity to make of your garden an earthly paradise.

If you’re ready for something more profound than maintenance, then call on the fine gardeners at CI Landscape.  Prepare for the “wow” factor.