We’re well along into the winter season now.  Our gardens are dormant.  But this is the season in which great gardens begin.

Winter landscaping to prepare for springtime is when your spring and summer beauty are born.  Now’s the time to take stock of your garden, how you want it to look in the coming year and seeing where you might make it even better than it already is.  While you’re out there, trimming, pruning and planning the coming year’s flower (or even vegetable) beds, your imagination should be working overtime to look ahead to the many possibilities.

Tool Time

In the thick of the growing season, garden tools can get neglected.  Winter is a good time to give them the once over, ensuring they’re ready to get to work when it’s time to grow again.

Is there too much clutter in your tool shed?  This is a whole other kind of weeding project.  Clearing out anything that’s no longer useful gives you more space and a clean slate to get down to the serious business of spring gardening.

Check your tools to ensure they’re sharp and well cleaned and oiled (if needed).  Organize them into a coherent, accessible arrangement that will make getting started on the new growing season so much easier.  Take your mower in for a checkup and tune up.

Pruning for Growth

Trees and shrubs which have been properly pruned will encounter more seasonal growth.  Get rid of the dead branches and consider whether some of your shrubs haven’t outgrown their space.  It may be time to move them.

You may want to have someone in to prune your trees, as this can be a daunting task and you’ll want it done correctly.  Also, don’t forget that your roses bushes should be pruned on Valentine’s Day!

Clean Up Your Flower Beds

Get your flower beds ready for their spring mantle of beauty by cleaning out any debris and anything that shouldn’t be in there.  Then, add compost or fertilizer to feed the soil and the new growth it’s soon going to support.

Tidy up the edges.  Then get your bulbs in there and keep them nice and cozy with a layer of mulch.

What About the Lawn?

If there’s no snow where you are, you should still be mowing your lawn once a month to reduce the incursion of weeds and to keep the grass healthy and ready to spring back into action.  Products to foster pre-emergent lawn health should be applied now, as these will reduce weeds in spring/summer.

And while you’re out there, start thinking about changes you want to make.  Maybe this is the year you’ll install outdoor lighting, or even that outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.  Make a note to yourself that CI Landscape is the creative lawn care expert who re-invents your great outdoors and keeps it looking its best.

With our 10-Star Guarantee, you’re covered.  Everything from the quality of our work to post-job clean up is guaranteed because we’re that confident!  Contact us.