You work so hard to make your home beautiful, but sometimes people skip a few steps when it’s time to protect their lawns and gardens from the rigors of northeast American winter.

That’s why we’ve put together this brief seasonal guide:  winter lawn and landscape care.  These are necessary steps to take to ensure that come spring, your outdoor areas are set to stun.

Let’s get started!

Nap Time

Baby, it’s cold outside and your plants are out there all the time.  Winters in our neck of the woods can be tough on your lawn and plants, so do them a favor and love them.  They’ll thank you by being ready to shine in the spring.

At this time of year, you should be cutting your grass shorter than you do during the warmer months.  If you’re doing it correctly, your grass should be kept at 3 to 3.5 inches in the growing season.  At this time of year, get it down about an inch shorter.  This helps to protect new growth and defend your grass from pests.

Protecting Your Trees and Shrubs

Mulch is your friend here.  Applying about 2 inches of this around your trees, shrubs and bushes provides protection against soil erosion.  Mulch also holds in moisture and normalizes the soil temperature for the roots of your plants.

It’s just about pruning time, also, which should be accomplished near the end of plant dormancy to prepare trees for their new growth.

Wrap evergreens in burlap to protect them from salt air and wind.  These plants can take a beating at this time of year and burlap helps them resist the worst of winter.

Applying wire mesh to the bases of trees keeps the wildlife from having its way with them.  And don’t forget to check your trees regularly for snow damage.  Gently brush snow off branches to prevent breakage.  If limbs are loose, get them off.  These can hurt your family and pets.

But please remember to be extra gentle with these plants when the mercury dips below freezing.  They’re much more vulnerable to damage when frozen.

Against Salt Damage

Salt (or the de-icing agents used by some municipal authorities) has the effect of drying out the soil.  In a cold winter environment like ours it’s everywhere, so be sure to flush out the soil with as much water as possible to give your lawn and plants a fighting chance.

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