You, like millions of other Americans, dream of a verdant, green lawn, unblemished by weeds and bald spots.  In your dream, it is manicured and velvety, uniformly marching up to your front steps, blade by lush blade of green, green grass.

So, when you wake up in the spring to the sight of a lawn which has gone sideways during its time under the winter snow, it can be a rather rude awakening.

You curse the day you saw that lawn!  You wonder what the heck went wrong.  We’d like you to avoid all that in spring 2019, so we’ve put together this post about yard landscaping mistakes you shouldn’t make this fall/winter.

We’d like to help make your dream of a perfect lawn come true.

Going Crazy with the Mower

Mowing your lawn down to nothing in the fall is a recipe for disaster.  The soil is more exposed and the roots of the grass are less protected.

So, while it’s recommended that you mow your lawn to a length of about 3 inches, going shorter is a bad idea.  It’s also a bad idea to let it go dormant with more than 3 inches growth, as dormant grasses can trap mold and other organisms which rob your grass of vitality.

So, don’t go crazy with the mower but don’t let the grass run wild, either.  Moderation in all things – especially lawns.

Forgetting Aeration and Seeding

Sure, grass grows naturally but a lawn isn’t its natural setting.  Lawns need careful curation to be at their best.  That means aerating and seeding.

This is a step too often missed.  But you need the soil your lawn is growing in to be healthy.  So, providing it with oxygen is an absolute must, before the snow comes.

Once that’s done, you’ll want to add quality soil to areas in need of it and seed areas which are looking thinner than you’d like.  When spring comes, you’ll be glad you did when you start to see the lawn of your dreams.

Not Jumping on Opportunities

You know all those gardening tools and supplies you use to tend your outdoor areas?  If you’re not jumping on the opportunities offered by fall and winter sales of these items, it may be one of the biggest mistakes you make.

Gardening supplies and tools are drastically marked down at this time of year.  Sometimes, that can mean savings as significant as 90% of the original price.

Our advice?  Stop raking leaves for a minute and go grab some gardening booty!

Neglecting Your Hardscaping

Hardscaping needs love, too.

Your hardscaping exteriors include the deck, patio or terrace, walks, drives, paving stones and similar items.

Keeping them clean during the fall means less accumulation of moss and lichens, reducing the effort required in the spring.  If you have a power washer, use it until the snow comes.  You’ll be glad you did.

Does all this sound overwhelming?  Never fear.  CI Landscape’s pros are here to lighten your fall/winter landscaping load.  Contact us.